Why is it 30$ for a shirt?

We use double the fabric of regular shirts. in addition to this we use a 180gsm blend of pima cotton and cellulose derived viscose. these are materials that luxury brands use however they charge upwards of a 1000% margin we think this a fair price for the quality and benefits our shirts have. 

Why is there no S size?

We are primarily focusing on creating sizes for men on larger side. we plan on adding a S size in our next re-stock.  

Where is my order ?

When an order is placed you will receive an update as well as an e-mail with your tracking information. if your order has not been shipped yet we are getting your order ready ensuring the highest quality.

Why Does it take 1-2 Days to ship ?

We take the time to ensure each item in your order is up to our high standards of quality. we double check each item in your order for any damage, stains, excess fabric strands. we replace any damaged items, trim away any excess fabric and wash and dry any items with stains before shipping it out. 

How Do I find my right size?

Check out or sizing guide linked here 

Why do the sizes stop at 3XL?

We plan on adding a 4XL and 5XL options in future restocks. currently we don't have adequate space to hold more inventory 

How do I get these hard creases out?

Our shirts are machine folded from the manufacture  and air-tight sealed when we ship them out. in order to get out these creases simply place the shirt in the dryer for 15-20min on low to medium heat. please don't use high heat this can cause the dye to leak as well shrink the fabric 

How do I make a return?

if your unsatisfied with your order simply follow of return process linked here: if you have any questions please email us at infogplifestyle@gmail.com with your order number 

Why are they no exchanges available? 

Due to COVID-19 we are taking additional sanitary measures this unfortunately means we cannot offer exchanges at this time  

Why can't the shipping cost be refunded?

The shipping cost is a Realtime estimate based on your order items. This estimate is our shipping carriers (Canada Post) fee and not ours. We cannot issue refunds on the shipping since the carrier does not offer refunds on shipping.

Why is my order limited to 4 items ?

We limit the order limit to 4 items because it is the maximum number of items or mailers can hold. if you order more than 4 in a single order an additional shipping charge would apply which can be around (7-12$*) since we would have to send more than 1 parcel and we don't want you to pay an extra fee. 

is this drop-shipping ?

No, all our items are held at our Toronto location. Each item is 100% our own design, fabric blends and logos. We do use a manufacturer based in China however everything else is 100% our brands work. 

Why am I being charged customs ?

Unfortunately we have no control over if or if not your order will be charged customs fees. all customs fees are issued by your country and not GP Lifestyle inc. We do our best to lower the chances of customs being charges by how we process shipments.

Why is it a limited production run?

Our clothing takes time to source the materials as well as the manufacturing process we strive to create items that will last you nearly a lifetime and we want to create a sense of urgency and scarcity around since it can take upwards of 6 months to source the fabrics we use in an ethical environmentally sustainable manner. We encourage you to order while we have the item available to avoid long wait times for restocking. 

If you have further questions about my line of clothing and/or my brand GPLifestyle, feel free to drop it down below. Make sure you put in your email and press submit.

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