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Refined: 10 Step Guide To Finding & Developing Your Style

Refined: 10 Step Guide To Finding & Developing Your Style

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Introducing GP's War-Ready Wardrobe,"REFINED"

Tackle each day with the ease of dressing-up decisions made for you. 

An Objective Look Into Menswear 

With lots of mens content out there it can take hours to find what works for you. The space is crowded with people telling to wear one thing this year and not to wear it next year it can make finding and developing your style an absolute nightmare. We made finding your style easy, whether its classic menswear, athleisure or something in between you're going to learn the over arching principles to use in order to develop your style and make it your own rather than just copying what you see online    

Cut out the background noise. Listen closely. Styling unique is nothing if not intimate self-talk. The bubbles of men's improvement content suffocate the impatient ones, thermally activate on the unknowing, and in sequence, lighten the gravity of the conversation to 0. You need to be humbled by the principles. Whether taken by flight or force, your attention to the canons of this guide will wake you from the absolute nightmare of copycat menswear advice. 

A Comprehensive Step By Step Guide

We made things simple and easy to follow with a simple 10 step formula that will take you from having a vague idea of what you want your person style to look like to developing a versatile  wardrobe with lots of outfits and the confidence and knowledge. We start off with gathering as much inspiration as possible, honing in and looking into what core components make up the style you want, building a wardrobe, colour blocking , item combinations that work, fit tips, budget tips and growing and expanding once you get confident in the foundation you've established 

Start off with things made simple and easy to follow. A formula to persuade vague ideas of personal style towards depth of wardrobe, a versatile outfit artillery, and knowledge of self. You are a one man army. Prove it. Start off with gathering as much inspiration from us as possible, honing in the core components, what it takes to load up and load out a wardrobe, color blocking and combinations, fitting tips and budgeting, and finally, once the battle is won, growth and expansion of confidence -- the foundation you've established. 

Over 50+ Brand & Item Recommendations

Buy clothes or even a whole new wardrobe can be exhausting process. where do i shop ? am i being overcharged ? where do i find quality items? we get it. So we made everything a streamlined process with over 50+ brands recommended that have quality items, great quality fabrics and have style versatility. 

Look no further. Rally with our defenses. "Where do I shop?", is now an old war horror story told to initiate the soldiers. "Am I being overcharged?", "What does quality look like? Feel like?",  "Why is this important?", "What's the point of continuing?" We get it. Fear is a persistent thing. Worthy recommendation is the backbone of this guide should you need a second. We do not stray away from refinement. What are you waiting for?

A Complete Wardrobe Build

What is more relaxing: cleaning out your closet or filling it with one-time wears? Through the  window of self-gratifying purchases-- there is your enemy. Going through wardrobe after wardrobe until inevitable exhaustion in the end when things start to look like the clearance rack at Target. "See it. Like it. Cop it." but have some class. The teachings discussed here will advocate for you, your closet, at large the misunderstood world of style.

Over 500+ Outfit Combinations 

We take your development serious. Congratulations on your new stylist, GP himself. Hand-picked inspirations, extensive attention to detail, you will not find another information model that lays down on the wire for you to make effortless outfits. Full-out war against analysis paralysis.

Budget Friendly Tips

Take a breath, GP's personal experience and heavy research habits just two clicks away. We got you covered no matter your pocket size. You do not need to sacrifice the battle for quality for unapproachable prices. You must know not only where to look, but HOW to look.  

Enhance Anything You Wear

Put the "Hi fashion" in high fashion.  Assure yourself competent in the wake of others with tips to demonstrate skill in style. Accept the necessary adjustments to your closet to advance your circle. Lift your comrades to your newfound standards. Power is not given... Take advantage of this resource to better the world of style and ultimately grow and expand this domain of man.

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